I've been collecting and making chess sets since sometime in 2006. It's difficult to trace when it started. One morning I woke up and realized I had a lot of chess sets. I must have been collecting them. Who knew?

As chess collectors go I am in the lower income bracket, and my collection is far from spectacular. I hope this site will provide interesting material for chess collectors and enthusiasts of all kinds, though. I have attempted to tell some of the story of each chess set design I have an example of and the story of how I came by each set in my collection. I've also attempted to profusely photograph every set, no matter how small. It is my hope that the quality of the pictures and information I have to offer on this site will make up for the lack of a Jaques set or something like that. My sets may not be the world's finest, but give them a chance, look at the pictures I've lovingly taken, and you may begin to love them as I do. If this site proves anything it is that you need not be rich to have an interesting collection of chess sets.

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- update July 2013 -
Animalier Set
The Thistle and the Rose

Below is a table of my chess sets separated by style.

Below is a table separating out just the chess sets I have made myself for easy access, and a page of useful chess collecting links.
All of my home-made sets can be seen through the first table, but some of the links in the links menu are no where else in the site.

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