- Faux Jade Staunton Set -

I acquired this Chinese faux jade Staunton set from a reseller on eBay. This sort of set would be sold as jade in China. The pieces appear to be hand carved and are heavy and cold to the touch, but they're a soft stone, probably serpentine or soapstone. In China pretty much any stone which is green in color is commonly referred to as jade, so its unclear in such cases whether the seller is deceptive or it is the language barrier... probably it's a little of both. I'm guessing these are serpentine carved and polished to look like jade. If anyone knows their material better, I'd certainly love to hear it, drop me an email. I paid very little for the set combined with a mother of pearl inlay board from Vietnam or Indonesia.  Pieces were in very poor condition.  I've glued them in several places and they're quite badly chipped. It's a pity the previous owner didn't take better care of the soft stone pieces. Perhaps they thought it was real jade and would stand a beating. I think it's still a charming set.

Chinese 'jade' chessmen.

Green pieces look less like jade with light shining through them, but I do love the glow.

Green knight and fianchetto.

Minor pieces.

White castle.

White king.

Cold white forces.

Sun on the white side.

Green knight.

A position from the Sveshnikov.

In normal light the pieces look a great deal more like jade, save for all of the chipped places suddenly popping out as white specks.

A mother of pearl inlay wooden board included with the set, certainly not original. These boards are made to accompany carved horn sets in the Regence style.

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