Here are some good chess collector links

Other Chess Collector Homepages:

A choice selection of fine sets: my lips are sealed as to the collector's identity ;)
Alan Dewey's Picasa Albums: many interesting pictures, articles, and his own brand of antique chess comic.
Jon Crumiller has perhaps the most impressive personal collection posted online.
A collection of mostly Old Viennese coffee house sets with a lot of theoretical text, text in German.
Some interesting sets and a lot of excellent information.
A lot of interesting sets with text is in German.
Alan Fersht's excellent reference on all things Jaques Staunton in Picasa format
Some of Guy Lyons' sets in Picasa Album format.
Excellent photographs of a fine collection, if a bit eccentric (don't miss the giant stack of knights.)
The Rochford family collection including very fine examples of certain types of sets. Look elsewhere in the site for good articles on collecting and chess sets for sale.
Another artist who collects, a top notch collection with a few original designs as well.

Chess History:

Probably the best online source for world chess and ancient chess history.
Rick Knowlton's site with some good history.  He also has a world chess store.


I advise anyone with an eBay account and an interest in chess collecting join this group!
Collectors' Group Picasa Albums A vast assortment of pictures with little prose explaining them.


Frank Camaratta's store.  The best chess seller in America, with good information about Jaques sets and chess sets for several price ranges.
A high end showroom/store. I imagine the quality is worth it if you can afford the prices.
Tim Millard runs this high end high priced store/showroom. (I can't afford to buy off any of these guys.)

Ty's other stuff:

I am a classically trained composer. The site hasn't been updated in a while as I haven't been too active lately, but it might be worth a look/listen.

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